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Crypto Gigs are fun and rewarding – Participate in gigs from top global blockchain projects and earn loads of crypto everyday


Discover top Airdrops from the most prestigious projects. Join and get free crypto 

Crypto Gigs

Crypto Gigs are freelance opportunities from blockchain projects. Participate and earn crypto

Daily Rewards

Win crypto daily – Laksmi Tokens and tokens from partner projects  

Most Rewarding Crypto Community

Earn and Win Crypto Daily

Laksmi is your goto app to discover and participate in top airdrops, NFT Giveaways and crypto gigs. Earn loads of crypto everyday. Easiest and surest way to earn crypto. If you are lucky you can also win crypto worth $100,000 every month. 

Help the crypto community and get rewarded for your help in crypto.

Crypto Gig Economy Platform for Gen Z

Laksmi is the Crypto Gig Economy Platform for Gen Z. Enabling a user to earn, crypto daily through airdrops, gigs and NFT Giveaways from top blockchain projects around the world.

Laksmi aims to add more services as the users evolve and platform matures. Enabling user to not just earn but also trade, invest and use crypto. And  become one of its kind Crypto Super App. 

Earn Crypto

Discover and join top airdrops and crypto gigs to earn crypto daily


Discover accredited crypto projects and invest with professionals

P2P Exchange

Buy crypto from a neighbourhood store that act as a Human Crypto ATM


Only the best crypto games with audited contracts and most fair play

Laksmi Token

Laksmi token is central to Laksmi Platform. The Laksmi token is like blood stream of the whole business

Save fees

Stake Laksmi Tokens to reduce platform fees. The more you stake the more you save

Earn Interest

Stake Laksmi Token and earn interest. 

Get credit

Stake Laksmi token and get credit line

Laksmi is backed by Polygon

Laksmi Tokens are build on Polygon and BSC. Polygon has been very supportive to Laksmi in its journey so far. And has backed its belief in the project and team with a generous grant. 

Our Amazing Team

Rajan Gupta

Founding Advisor

Ashok Pundit

Tech Advisor

Tanya Malik

Marketing Head

Bipul Ranjan

Blockchain & Web 3.0 Developer

Arun Kumar

Blockchain & DeFi Developer

Asok Madhavan

UI Designer



Q3, 2021


Laksmi App Launch – Airdrop and Crypto Gigs

Q4, 2021

Play to Earn Crypto Gaming

Q1, 2022


Q2, 2022

P2P Crypto Exchange

Q3, 2022


Donate & Remit

Q4, 2022


More About Laksmi

Laksmi Platform

Laksmi is a Super App for Gen Z offering multiple services to users. Enabling a user to earn, invest, trade and use crypto within a single app. Making Laksmi a goto app for anything crypto.  Laksmi App will be launched with Airdrops and Crypto gigs which is easiest and surest way to earn crypto daily. Services to invest, trade and use crypto will be added gradually in the form of Launchpad, Play to Earn Crypto Games, P2P Crypto Trade, Donate, Remit etc. 

Laksmi Token
About Tokenomics

Laksmi plans to build user community first through earn usecases and then slowly add invest and trade usecases like Launchpad, P2P Crypto exchange, Crypto Gaming etc. 

Token Sale

Laksmi Token $LKSM Pre Sale

Contract Address — 0x323E2a8DD95ED1994680fdDA9d1b4E8D540bDaBe

Pre Sale offered price is $0.03 or 33.3 Laksmi Tokens for 1 USD. The price for IDO is $0.15 that is 5X of Pre Sale price. And Exchange listing price is $0.45 that is 3X of IDO price and 15x of pre sale price. IDO and exchange listing are scheduled for July end 2021.

Laksmi Tokens sold in Pre Sale will be locked for a period of 1 year with quarterly vesting. That is 25% of the tokens will be unlocked every quarter and transferred to your address as per the below vesting schedule.

In Pre Sale, Laksmi Pre Sale tokens $LKPS on BSC will be transferred to your BSC wallet addresses and not actual Laksmi Tokens $LKSM. And According to the vesting schedule your actual $LKSM tokens will be unlocked and sent to your addresses in due course. $LKPS tokens will not be listed and openly traded ever. $LKPS Tokens only serve one purpose and that is purchase of Laksmi Token in the presale and distribution of Laksmi Tokens bought in Pre Sale as per vesting schedule.

Laksmi Token Pre Sale Vesting Schedule

Unlock 1 -25% 1st Oct 2021
Unlock 2 -25% 1st Jan 2022
Unlock 3 -25% Ist Apr 2022
Unlock 4 -25% 1st Jul 2022

IDO – Coming Soon

DEX Listing – Coming Soon

Super Apps

Super Apps add lot of value for users as they provide multiple services to users within a single app. And over a period of time Super Apps become part of user’s daily life and impossible to discard. Benefits of Super Apps for users


As user has transacted earlier on the app , gives confidence to try newer offerings


Familiarity of UI makes super apps easier to explore and user

Network Effects

As new services are launched new users join in and make the app even more valuable for existing users 

Reach US

Join the revolution. Next big push in the blockchain and crypto space  

India, Singapore and UAE

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